Blackberry kush feminized (10 seeds)

Blackberry kush feminized (10 seeds)


Feminized Blackberry’s mother , Black Domino , was a marijuana duplicate sent to the Netherlands from the area around Seattle. Domino is known for the firm structure of the leaves and that feature has been well preserved in this marijuana hybrid. The smoke produced by Blackberry cannabis is thick and heavy with a touch of Asian Sativa flavour in it. As a bonus this strain produces very good yields.

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450 / 500 (g/m²

Average height

Short (55 – 65 days)


THC Level





One of the most exquisite Cannabis plant strains | the Blackberry Kush seeds strain has a very interesting history lined behind it. The Black Domino strain | the mother plant of Feminized Blackberry Kush strain | was a duplicate Marijuana plant that was sent to Netherlands from a place around Seattle. The plant has a strong body structure with leaves and beautiful purple flowers that make the plant look beautiful | apart from its flavour and smoke. The plant has rightly inherited some of the most attractive features from its parental strains | including its thick smoke and a heavy Asian Sativa flavour that adds to its favourite features.

Dutch Seeds Shop – Blackberry Seeds for sale

Dutch Seeds Shop offers you these Blackberry seeds for sale | along with an enticing offer of 10 free seeds along with your every purchase at dutch seed shop. Additionally | the plant when grown beautifully gives you very high quality and quantitative yield. The usual feminized Blackberry Cannabis seeds grow and flower in a short span of 55 to 65 days. The plant grows to an average height and requires a dry climate. It can be cultivated Blackberry Kush seeds indoors and can yield a higher amount of the weed.

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