Afghan Seeds (20 seeds)


Originally the Afghan marijuana strain was brought from Afghanistan and bred through a serious of selection procedures in Holland to make it perfect for indoor growing. What is typical for Afghan is that it produces an aroma that is acrid and quite strong. The leaves big and dark with greasy glands. Afghan seeds is notable for its high THC content. The smoke is heavy with a heavy buzz and a characteristic numbing sensation for the smoker.That is mainly the case when the plant is grown properly. The Afghan strain’s flower to leaf ratio is quite high and the yields are very satisfactory. Afghan weed is generally used as one of the genetic types used in many of the currently popular marijuana hybrids on the market.

    • 10 $
    • 30 $


º Packet contain 20 Afghan seeds
º Plant height Short Plant
º Stoned or high? Stoned INDICA
º THC level High THC
º Flowering Weeks 7/8
º Yield 400/475
º Harvest Month 9/10


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